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My A-ha! moment by Paul Wilson.

Using Adobe Captivate, we meet some legends.

Adobe Captivate is now the 2019 version, and people have been using it for a long time.  Since they have been working on content production for a long time, they have knowledge and skills.  At some conferences or communities, these legends give lectures on techniques, look for solutions, and generously support those who follow. They have been helping us many times.

One of them, Paul Wilson.

If you're in trouble, look for his YouTube channel and you'll find most of the solutions to common problems in easy-to-understand videos. A year ago, when I asked about adding automatic audio, he suggested a solution in a video. (Get More Text to Speech Languages in Adobe Captivate)

Recently, I saw a post on his SNS, "If you have a problem, please use consulting or 1on1."

When I had a problem that I couldn't solve by myself, I thought, "Yes, I'll ask Paul to teach me!"

And applied for 1on1.

I contacted him in advance about some topics I would like to ask, and on the session, Paul shared his screen, and he explained the procedure. And then I showed my screen about another problem. He tried to find the solution together. Two troubles that I was worried about in the meantime were cleared!

And there were two A-ha! moments during the session.

Setting the interaction on the slide, I was thinking in a complex way.

On the other hand, his thinking was very simple. And he did it ! Very simply!!

One more A-ha! moment , he showed me tools that I didn't know.

I've been searching and trying various things myself, but I faced the reality that there are still many things I don't know.

Yes, I got many things to learn. I will keep trying my best to be like Paul in Japan!

Click here for Paul Wilson's homepage Captivate

Thank you Paul!


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